Saturday, February 16, 2013

Exercise: Telling a story

The aim of this exercise is to tell a story in just five frames.  I tried to think of something a bit more creative than following the suggestion of using a fairytale. Some of my ideas were a bit obscure though and I figured that the main aim of this exercise is to focus on choosing the key narrative elements from a known story so a fairytale seems like as good an option as anything.

This was a very interesting exercise - thinking about key elements such as the depiction that she is a haughty princess, that she is dissatisfied with her suitors and so on. I also had to alter the content of the frames to overcome the limitations of my appalling sketches (ie placing the prince on the lily pad so it is obvious that he is a transformed frog). Some key information has had to be omitted such as how/why the prince was a frog in the first place but I guess that adds some mystery...

Is it obvious what the story is?
Does each frame convey some new information?
Is it the right information to understand the story or is something missing?
Has anything been included unnecessarily?
Could my sketching and colouring possibly be any WORSE?

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