Sunday, September 8, 2013

Exercise: Creating depth with lighting

I feel like I have covered a lot of this in various experiments over the (many) years of OCA photography study so in the interests of keeping on moving forward briskly, I have not spent a great deal of time on this exercise. It was still very interesting and this is clearly an area which I will continue to explore as I plan scenes for future sequences. 

Below are some of the images taken for this exercise - using my Dad and husband as "objects". The aim was to play with depth and create different impressions in the same space.  Introducing more light can make the room seem more cluttered as it reveals more stuff but this also makes it look bigger. The darkness, esepcially with very selective spotlights, can add menace and claustrophobia.

The final image is my favourite - I love how moody they both look.


  1. They look quite a pair together - could evoke lots of scenarios.

  2. Great atmosphere! I like how you lighted up the scene.