Saturday, March 22, 2014

Exercise: Atmosphere

I have played around with a few ideas here and will continue to do so throughout the course. It is quite time-consuming though and I am anxious to keep moving forward, so will restrict this post to "Oh what a beautiful morning".  

The key thing I wanted to capture was a lovely bright morning with that pregnant sense of anticipation of all that they day may bring. At the weekends, I usually go into to the garden first thing to soak up those quiet moments and I think this segment works quite well here:

The soft focus on the water was to convey that early morning sleepiness, water to associate with showering and getting ready for the day. The plastic heart with wings was to include some enthusiasm and energy, contrasted with the slow sway of the clothes on the line and the gentle breeze shown in the foliage shadows on the newspaper.

If time, budget and equipment were no issue, I would love to capture London waking up. I always enjoy the buzz around the markets and shops opening as I walk to work. Similarly, all the street sweepers in Havana clean the squares immaculately while it is still cool and empty, the calm before the storm.

I have looked at the great work of some of the other students and found it inspiring, as always. 

I particularly like this one:
The shadows work so well to create tension and anxiety.

My mantra at the moment is just to keep practising and experimenting.

It is very clear that lighting is absolutely essential - as with all photography. I need to be vigilant about what light is available and what I can add/subtract/reflect and I must be as creative as possible to make that work to achieve the required atmosphere.

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