Sunday, June 1, 2014

Fifty people, one question - Galway, Ireland 2011 by Kamil Films

A friend recommended this video on Facebook and I am linking it here because I thought the non-linear approach to the editing worked really well. 

That said, it is rather bloated for a film that the makers presumably hope will continue to go viral on social media. I reckon they could have got this all across in five or six minutes (maybe with a link to a full length version?).  The meta fluff at the beginning filming the filming equipment was a bit off-putting and will guarantee that they lose viewers. Some people I know only managed a few minutes and then gave up.

What I thought worked really well was how the sequence of clips, grouped by content rather than speaker, allowed for the capture of the interviewees mulling over their answers - these silent contemplations would have been painful if all the segments had been presented as intro-question-consideration-answer for each individual.

A simple strong idea and quite inspiring - good job Kamil Films!  I would love to see how this would have turned out if it absolutely could not run over 5.59 mins!

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