Friday, April 3, 2015

Returning from a study hiatus...

I have been away from here for far too long. 

My husband became very ill last September, from complications due to his paraplegia. It was touch and go that he would even survive but he is stubborn and brave and brilliant so he has been slowly battling back to health ever since. 

He is still in hospital and we have no date yet for his release. And, he is in Oxford so it is a six hour round trip for me to visit him. These last months have been extremely difficult and quite surreal.

The OCA very kindly agreed to me taking a break from my studies and gave me an extension on the deadline for the submission of my final assignment for this course. Whilst things are by no means back to normal yet - if indeed they ever will be - I am starting to see a light at the end of this dark tunnel and am eager to get back to my studies and photography, whenever possible.

So... HELLO world!  I'm back.

I have three months to complete the course and when better to start again than right bloody now?

My tutor has been in touch: "might I suggest that you use your current situation in some way to inform the narrative that you will produce for this final assignment.  I know that for some people making work can be a way to help cope with difficult times."  This seems eminently sensible to me.  As my 'free' time is so restricted I had actually already begun to film (very discreetly) in Matt's hospital room to see if there might be enough of the right material for me to weave into an assignment. Early days yet, but definitely a possibility.

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  1. Sorry to learn that you've both been through such a difficult time. All the very best to you both with wishes for Matt's continuing recovery.