Monday, May 26, 2014

Dog 'tography

No actual film involved here but I did a little stills shoot as a favour to a friend last week and was quite pleased with the results.

It was a joint venture between Style Tails ("Design and Living for Pets"):  run by my amazing pal Sara White and the excellent restaurant Pips Dish near Covent Garden.  They needed someone to capture their first ever Doggie Sunday:

I do like dogs but am more of a cat person so it was a bit intimidating being around 11 dogs (and their loving owners) in a very small space where food was being served.  But we pulled it off and I think my pics on the Style Tails blog look pretty good:

Here are a few of my faves:

The full set is here:

Some things I learned:

  • Take more pics of the owners with their dogs, especially close up
  • Use the 70-200mm lens for less intrusive reportage shots
  • Have doggie treats to hand!
  • Don't drink wine until you have finished working
  • Take some pics of the kitchen and more of the waiting staff handing over the food
  • Get at least one useable pic of a doggie in the window

    It was a fun day with lovely people and a good experience but I really don't think I am cut out to be a pet photographer....


  1. You might not have the urge to, but you definitely are! I think you've produced some very good shots here. If i lived near then I'd want to try out my two there. It looks fun!.

  2. I'm not a particular dog lover but I couldn't help bust into a grin over these and so stylishly executed too.