Saturday, May 17, 2014

In praise of the OCA Digital Film Production course...

I am half way through Digital Film Production and thought I would pause to reflect on how much I am loving it.  

Here are 12 great things about DFP:

  1. I get to watch loads of movies without feeling like I am slacking.
  2. It allows me to "direct" my friends and family (AKA: boss them around, with impunity).
  3. Planning a sequence helps develop storytelling skills - essential for all forms of visual communication.
  4. Thinking about making films has encouraged me to think outside a single image and more about creating a series.
  5. It opens the mind to an experimental mixed media approach.
  6. I find myself enjoying films more, with a deeper understanding of the techniques.
  7. I am definitely less intimidated by film critics and now feel confident about defending my (minority) views about certain movies.
  8. It unlocks the mysteries of mise-en-scène!
  9. It has made me think a lot about physical depth in a frame.
  10. Everything I am doing feels really creative and experimental, almost playful at times - this would be a real tonic for anyone who has reached a plateau (or hit a wall) in stills photography.
  11. I am learning vital new skills - the popularity of video is increasing all the time and many commentators think it will be the dominant medium in the future.
  12. The course encourages interaction/sharing with other students, providing feedback and support as well as ideas.

For anyone who is contemplating taking this course, I cannot recommend it highly enough. You don't need to worry about having any specialist equipment or great technical skills - it just aims to provide an introduction to the creative ideas and techniques in digital film production.

You will be able to wow your friends with your filmmaking skills and you may suddenly realise, like I have, that the kind of photographs you really want to make are the ones that look like stills from movies.

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