Saturday, August 22, 2015

Lubezki & Malick - a dogme

This is the series of parameters agreed by Terrence Malick and his DoP Emmanuel Lubezki for Tree of Life...
  • Shoot in available natural light.
  • Do not underexpose the negative. Keep true blacks.
  • Preserve the latitude of the image.
  • Seek maximum resolution and fine grain.
  • Seek depth with deep focus and stop: "Compose in depth."
  • Shoot in backlight for continuity and depth.
  • Use negative fill to avoid light sandwiches (even sources on both sides)
  • Shoot in crosslight only after dawn or before dusk; never front light.
  • Avoid lens flares.
  • Avoid white and primary colors in frame.
  • Shoot with short focal length, hard lenses.
  • No filters, except Polarizer.
  • In the eye of the hurricane, shoot with steady handheld or Steadicam.
  • Z-axis moves instead of pans and tilts.
  • No zooming.
  • Do some static tripod shots "in midst of our haste"
  • Accept the exception to the dogma (a.k.a Article E) - Article E however does not apply underexposure of the negative.

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