Saturday, August 22, 2015

Reflections on tutor report from Assignment Four

Generally acceptable feedback on this assignment from Peter.

Key criticisms:

  • Again: the soundtrack. Peter is definitely encouraging more creativity:  "there is no need to stick with the ambient sound or to think of it as sound effects" and talks about exploring compositions with repeating motifs
  • Questionable over whether the two panning shots fit with the rest of the visual pattern of the work?  I think it is borderline. I would have liked more tracking shots but did not have a dolly that would work in the available space.
  • Consider the transitions with care - would more straight cuts have worked better?
  • Bed shot too long - pacing is vital

Positive reinforcements:

  • Working from own experience and emotion without it becoming too self-indulgent
  • Deriving inspiration from the Larkin poem without trying to illustrate it
  • Visual inspiration from Bhimji's work - so glad I went on that study visit!

I think a key learning from the last two assignments is that it is worth experimenting with lots of different approaches in the edit and with the soundtrack. I tend to make a decision about how something will be done  and stick to it, not always trying alternatives. I suppose this has been something new to get my head around as film making involves so many more elements than just the individual shots. It all must come together to create the final sequence and there are many ways this can work.  

Essential then that I create more footage to allow for this flexibility. This sort of goes against how I have tried to become more precise and selective as a stills photographer but can certainly be achieved with mindfulness on film projects.

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