Saturday, August 22, 2015

Time - connection script

Scene set in a house with contemporary decor. 

Woman is listening the radio and dressing in smart clothes. The radio clearly indicates it is morning, as does the angle of the light.

A number of her belongings are laid out on the bed, being inspected by a cat.

She packs all of the belongings into a bag and zips it up.

She turns off the radio and places a coffee mug in the sink. 

She checks the back door is locked and takes a look around the flat.

She exits via the front door.

Fade to black briefly.

The camera remains in same position.

The door opens again and she reenters the flat dumping her bag on the floor and slipping off her jacket. She sighs and runs her hand through her hair looking tired and slightly frazzled.

The flat is much darker with a slice of evening sun across the hallway.

She heads for the kitchen whilst making noises at the cat.

She pours a glass of wine and takes a gulp before leaving the kitchen.

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