Saturday, March 2, 2013

Exercise: Building a story - amended

Amendment: I have added in an extra frame in response to some feedback that we need to see The Dane and his interaction with Arlof ... makes total sense as he is central to the story!

So this is my original picture - a shot of some friends at a gathering, somewhere up a mountain in Iceland.  The POV (objective) gives out the possibility that this crowd is being watched, a possible drug deal or some dramatic underworld incident could be about to take place.  The main protagonists in my story are: "Arlof" (Mr Big); "The Dane"; "Boom Boom" (The Dane's Lieutenant); "Mad Dog Sille" (The Dane's bodyguard).  Other characters are Assorted Vikings and Arlof's Goons (all in uniform: black clothes, pork pie hats).

Frame 1: This is to ease us gently in to the scene - lull us into a sense that all is normal and jovial here.  Assorted vikings are getting the BBQ up and running, drinking, chatting and laughing quietly.  We can't see their faces but we don't know yet whether that matters or not.  The BBQ fork behind the fence adds some menace but may just be a red herring...

Frame 2: This is Arlof, Mr Big - the most powerful and dangerous man in Iceland right now.  We pan in close enough to hear Arlof make a cruel joke at the expense of The Dane. We see one of Arlof's Goon's laughing to Arlof's right.

Frame 3: The Dane, in an apparent attempt to diffuse the situation reaches over to Arlof in a "hey, show some respect!" gesture, also as a show of strength to regain face in front of his men

Frame 4: The excruciating tension caused by the sneering laughter of Arlof's Goons is extended as if to taunt The Dane and his men to respond

Frame 5: Boom Boom, the smiling assassin, leans back ready to grab his weapon when the moment comes.

Frame 6: Unnoticed by the others, Mad Dog Sille (who is famed across Europe for being an ambidextrous killer) casually walks towards Arlof reaching for his knife, ready to stab Mr Big.

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