Sunday, March 3, 2013

Exercise: Visualisation

'Talking to someone in a shop'. This was supposed to show Mr Begum talking in an animated way, using his hands although it kind of looks like he's making a dodgy gang sign.  I have included the counter, the bottles on the shelves, the till and Oyster swiper to show we are in a small 'local' shop.  Things I left out at the edges: the door of the shop and the context of the rest of the shop behind me, the street outside, other people in the shop. These were left out to show that I was concentrating on the person talking to but the viewer could be aware of them partly from audio and previous scenes?  Or am I completely missing the point?
'Knocking on a door'.   This is my deformed little hand knocking on the door.  Does the white cuff perhaps show I am dressed smartly? I have just included the knocker and the door to set the scene of what kind of property this might be. While I am waiting for an answer I look down ....

And I notice the grumpy doormat... Not sure what is up with my footwear there.

And then finally the door creaks open just as far as the chain will allow and there is the grumpy creepy person.  The chain shows that the person is either afraid or unwilling to let visitors inside. I am standing back from the door a little now (fear? or I was about to leave because it took them so long to answer?). I have left out what is to the right and left of me, the view of the facade of the building and what is behind me.  This channels all the attention on to the door though, which adds tension/expectation for what we will find when it is opened.  Everyone has stood at a door waiting for it to be answered so the viewer can hopefully fill some of the missing information with their experience and imagination.

'Having an illicit affair'.  A close up of my lover's ear as we have a  passionate conversation...
A close up of his handsome stubbly face, which appears to have an alarmingly different skin tone to the ear in the previous frame. I have left pretty much everything else out because I want to show how intimate we are and also that nothing else seems important when I am with him.  But, unfortunately, we must NOT be caught (I am his boss, he has 12 children, my husband is a hitman ... etc) so when I hear a noise I glance around...

Luckily the corridor is empty, unless someone is just lurking around that dark corner.... I wanted this image to show that we are in an empty space - the top of an office building perhaps? - but not somewhere hidden. We are taking a risk but we just can't help ourselves!  The main thing I have left out here is what my lover is doing - is he looking down the corridor as well or is he looking at me?  If he is looking down the corridor then it will add tension and will likely influence what happens next. If he did not hear anything and is just looking at me, waiting for the 'passionate conversation' to continue, then this would just have been a device to show my paranoia, which could lead the story down a very different path.

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