Saturday, March 23, 2013

Reflections on the Alcoholic sequence

  • I suspect I tried to put in too many frames
  • Kept quite close to storyboards (am still trying hard not to let my awful iPad sketches hamper my creativity!)
  • Not happy with the transition after first spotting the vodka - unnecessary clip
  • The falling bottle should have been shown to be more precariously balanced or an indication of why it fell (disturbed by a cat?) - perhaps too confusing that there were two bottles?
  • Smirnoff label too prominent - looked like deliberate product-placement
  • More creative use of camera angles?
  • Could have added more atmosphere with sound (music playing in background?)?
  • I prefer the black and white version - just seems a bit more like a depressing alcoholic scene

Thoughts on other people's videos...

I really like a number of the versions of this made by other students. It is a difficult and unrealistic brief really. A true alcoholic would probably know exactly where the booze was and are unlikely to have a glass sitting next to a bottle of wine I would imagine so this is always going to be a tricky project.

Lots of different styles though. I think the panning needs to be fairly fast and realistic.  Loved how Richard's light fixture had to come into focus at the start. Emil's sound distraction (kid's toy?) was really effective and quite eerie.  Emily's beautiful use of light and colour.  Quite a few created a good sense of desperation and anxiety (especially with the ticking clock).  Several interesting ideas to think about.

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