Saturday, March 16, 2013

Editing snippets

Today was the first time I created something having obtained snippets of footage, this case with a view to creating a taste of Havana video and edited them together. I thought I should tackle this asap as I have been very nervous about using the iMovie software and that has felt like it could be a big barrier to my progression. It wasn't too bad and hopefully iMovie will suffice for the time being.

The video itself is rather boring and I can see a number of areas which could have been dramatically improved:

  • Needs a lot more music as that is a constant feature of Cuba
  • I should have filmed much more interesting things - I captured the feel of things with the old cars but there is so much else that could have been crammed in
  • More people interacting with the camera and with each other 
  • People talking 
  • Could have included still images (Duckrabbit style)?
  • The clips need to have a logical relationship with each other (journey through a day or links from people or views)
  • I need to think more about pacing when I am choosing what to film to ensure I have a sufficient variety of footage
  • I should have planned the whole project much more deliberately rather than just filming moments that appealed 
All in all though, I am quite pleased to have been able to move this forward without any major dramas...

Onwards and upwards!


  1. I think the video is very interesting. Maybe it is easier to use a tripod to do the panning so that you get smoother movement (I said that, then I use a tripod and still messed up :P). Otherwise, good job :) I am looking forward to seeing more video from you.

    1. Thanks for your comments Siegfried - I did try using my tripod but it is so cheap and rubbish that it made things worse when I tried to pan. I fear I need to invest in a new one!

      Hope all going well with your photography and that we see you again soon.